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      This Thursday Art and Sue visit Honey Baked Ham in Midland.  Listen from 9am to noon.  Saturday, they broadcast from Monitor Pharmacy in Bay City where they’ll also have a cookbook signing from noon to 2pm.
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  • Special Happenings

    • Bee Healthy – Avacados

      With their flavor, texture, nutritional value and culinary versatility, California Avocados might be one of nature’s highest achievements. You will enjoy our hand grown California Avocados chopped in a salad, garnishing a soup, spread on toast or simply naked on…
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    • Foaming Soap Substitute

      Foaming Soap Substitute

      Foaming Soap Substitute Print recipe Ingredients 2/3 cups Warm Water 3 tablespoons Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 1 empty Foaming Soap bottle with Plunger Directions Step 1 Mix soap and water together Step 2 Pour into Bottle Step 3 Replace plunger Step…
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